The Sarnian: Dead in the Water

The Sarnian: Dead in the Water


The first book in The Sarnian series. Oliver Carey returns to Guernsey to try and discover what happened to his father the night he disappeared off his boat, but stumbles on a dead body in Marble Bay… before coming under suspicion himself.

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A body on a beach, an impossible alibi and an unstoppable race against time…

Oliver Carey could never have guessed how his life would be turned upside down the day he discovered a body in Marble Bay, Guernsey.

Tasked with reporting the news — not becoming a part of it — he finds himself the focus of the police enquiry, and pulled in two directions. How can he prove that he isn’t the killer, while bagging an exclusive story — one that will keep his editor happy and help him keep his job?

For if Carey is fired, he loses his access to the Sarnian’s newspaper archive, and with it the only chance he has of answering the question that brought him back to the island two years before:

What became of his father — and what happened the night he disappeared from his boat in the waters off Guernsey?

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