The Sarnian: Blowfish

The Sarnian: Blowfish


The Sarnian series continues with Blowfish, the second book in the sequence. It picks up 10 minutes after the end of Dead in the Water, and follows Oliver Carey as he investigates the discovery of an unexplained body in a breakwater that’s at least 25 years old.

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Is Remus Carey still alive – or is it an elaborate trap?

Two years after his disappearance, agents at Interpol’s global headquarters intercept a message bearing Remus Carey’s codename. Christine Le Page is dispatched to find out whether he survived the events that led to his disappearance, and heads off on a race across Europe… at precisely the moment she’s most needed at home.

For while Christine’s past actions look set to put her in jeopardy, someone elsewhere on Guernsey is faced with the repercussions of a far more grievous transgression.

A fearsome storm has cracked open St Peter Port harbour, and exposed within its breakwater a body dressed in a Nazi uniform. While Ollie fights to be first to report who the body belonged to and how he died…

…the person who put it there is determined to do everything possible to make sure the story is never told.


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